the Mission

truly new and exciting solar products.

At solidenergie we create radically innovative solar technologies that open doors to truly new products. Products with an real added value. We come up with really new solutions, explore useful applications, apply for patents, and build prototypes. And we team up with the best solar industry partners like racking manufacturers, project developers, EPCs and IPPs and support them to implement these new, exciting products in their solar parks.

the company

Mirko Dudas

Mirko Dudas, CEO of solidenergie

solidenergie was founded in 2008 by Mirko Dudas. It still is a one-man company with all the freedom that is crucial to start exploring new options. However, solidenergie was always embedded in a network of outstanding experts including aerodynamic researchers, stress analysts, material scientists, design engineers, patent attorneys as well as craftsmen with amazing talents. A team that even leading solar players would be proud of. Only this combination of freedom to work outside old paths and expertise to shape new ideas allowed us to trigger all these disruptive technologies. Time and again. For a fraction of the cost of conventional innovation approaches.

How we invent

one percent inspiration. ninety-nine percent perspiration.

Truthfully: We don’t invent. We rather discover. And we do this very systematically. Without any respect for how “solar things” have been done in the past, we have developed our own methods and tools to better understand what we are actually looking for. We have designed devices that show promising directions, and new methods that help us evaluate our discoveries. It’s all analytical work with a pinch of inventors romance. Thomas A. Edison said that it’s “one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration”. He’s right. Although he might have overestimated the inspirational part a bit.

How we patent

first class patent applications are a must.

For best-possible protection first class patent applications are a must.

Our patent applications follow a distinct strategy and always include clear, compact claims, many embodiments of the invention and viable fallback positions. We spent years (and a lot of money) to figure out the difference between good and brilliant patent attornies and their art. We don’t run the risk to overestimate the value of a patent and the real-world protection it offers, but a professional patent application is a must. Our patent applications are first class.

How we Prototype

roll up your sleeves and test the product idea.

We prefer to roll up our sleeves and  test the product ideas quickly and inexpensively.

We swear by the concept of “pretotyping”. We roll up our sleeves and test the product ideas quickly and inexpensively by creating simplified versions of our new product to help validate the statement:  “If it’s built, it’ll be used.”. We prefer to build these pretotypes together with the solar partner that is going to use the product. This approach has shown to provide much faster and cheaper development cycles as well as a better market fit.